Of nausea and stereotype

There have been multiple occasions when I tried to create a blog and tried to vent. But, none were as befitting as today. Let’s start from the very beginning. I am just a girl wanting to be heard (been so for ages) but I never had the motivation or the will to pen my thoughts. I have had my fair share of education, now I have a job and I am far, far away from the city I call- HOME.

Anybody (if at all) reading this should and must be warned that this blog is and will be my cry for help. So if you do not desire to learn more about my life ( the good and the bad and obviously the ugly), now is your cue to stop. That being said, I would gracefully like to Welcome you to the drab world of theratchetparadox.

This being my first blog, ever, I will like to state some of the obvious matters that has already gone down in my life. A. I have terrible taste in Men, B. My workplace is amazing, but every day is a challenge, C. My family is… well… the quintessential Bengali family- loving, neurotic in ways, and absolutely over-protective, and last but not the least D. I have a bunch of friends that make me the person I am. They will come up in the following write ups, but today is not their day.

Oh, about the part where I said that Today is the day that forced me to create a blog, if you are wondering as to what makes this ‘the’ special day, then let me point out that this is a pretty mundane Saturday, with nothing much to write/cry/be happy about. Sorry for the disappointment, not sorry for actually stating the fact. Okay, enough cribbing for a day. I should stuff my face and go about with my life, and will probably come back when I find anything else to write about.

Love. Insanity. Best Wishes



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