Of distance and you

Dearly beloved, 

Love, I have fallen and truly fallen in love with you in so many ways. I will be moving away from you. I’ll be miles away from you, come this Monday. I hope that I do not have nightmares of your mistreatment. I hope I do not fall a little more in love with you. 

We have been mean and insanely in love with each other and never bothered to confess, at the same time. I guess that is what drove us apart. Being too much in love and feeling too little at the same time. Have you ever been so blinded by some intense light, that for even after a while you still do not get your vision back? Probably that ‘blinded moment’ stayed with us for too long. Probably while we were falling apart, we still knew that we have the love we deserved. Probably… 

Today, I will wish you with all the luck. I wish that when everything is going alright and you’re happy with what you have achieved, that you get reminded of me. You think of the times I had faith in you and you had the same for me. I can be this cruel, can’t I? Should I?  

Love, I will let you be. Love, I will forever remember you. Love, I will remember you when I am happy. 

Love. Insanity. And the blabbering of an incoherent mind.  


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